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Hello! I got your painting a few weeks ago and it is excellent! Just wanted to say thank you very much and I look forward to doing business in the future. My best to the artist!Phil

I was so delighted to receive your painting, and quite surprised... Nobody I have dealt with has ever done business like that. It's so....so...."Un-American." :-) Thank you for researching the colors so thoroughly.Ray
The painting arrived today, nicely rolled up in a snazzy plastic tube. It looks great. Many thanks!Arthur
I appreciate the time and effort that you and your staff have put into the creation of this painting. I can tell you enjoy your work. . . right down to the Smell of the oils! Ordering online is sometimes a gamble. Fortunately, I am a gambling man. I have to sometimes trust that things will get done the way I want them to. I am happy that I took a gamble on You and your company and look forward to enjoying my new painting.Keith
Paul, Thank you very much for everything, the painting arrived on Wednesday and Sonja loves it! I'll make sure to recommend you to friends and family! All the bestChristian